Children's Education

“If People Laugh at You, Won’t It Bother You?”

I am passionate about children’s upbringing and education. To that end, I often think about what to teach them, and how to teach it. Recently I saw an opportunity to teach something to my 4 year old son, and tried to do so, but in the end, it was I who learned something from him!

We were at a restaurant, and my son was eating ice-cream from a small bowl. When only a little of the ice cream was left in the bowl, he started having difficulty in scooping it up with a spoon. So, he kept the spoon aside, picked up the bowl, and was about to start licking up the cream, when I stoped him, and asked him not to lick.

Naturally, being an inquisitive 4-year old, he asked, “Why?”

I told him that I did not feel that there is anything wrong with licking his bowl, and I won’t stop him if he did that at home. But, I explained, if he licked a bowl in public, such as in a restaurant, other people would laugh at him, and make fun of him saying that, “That boy doesn’t know how to eat his food.”

I thought I explained it well, and I expected him to stop licking his bowl. But to my surprise, after carefully listening to my reason, he resumed the licking. So, I asked him, “Son, you are licking the bowl again. If people laugh at you, won’t it bother you?”

His answer opened my eyes. He simply said, “No.”

I hope he always retains this attitude, and that he lives a content life being true to himself.